Where to meet a proportional midget for dating

06-Jan-2017 23:23

said on 14/Mar/11Then why not add me on Facebook Sarah and you will be surprised to see there is soo much more to me than just what you see on here .I have the ability to make people laugh and I am also a very good conversationist with an open mind ! Women and men can be beautiful not matter what their height is. I know guys who don't care about height and I know guys who prefer either short or tall girls.and read the comments in beautyfull tall women(stacy keibler,blake lively,famke janssen-45 and looks 35-)---she cant be that tall,i think she is smaller,i wouldnt date her,what guy wants a tall girl bla bla bla bla why is it always in the short celebrities pages there are people bashing tall girls? you can read all these great comments from boys(IF they are boys and be fine with it...) said on 14/Nov/10Here's an question about her height in an interview: Interviewer: I've read everywhere online that you're height is five feet. Kelly: "When I'm wearing one inch heels absolutely it's true." Here's the link: Click Here said on 13/Nov/105 11 girl: I agree with u in the fact that not every man likes short girls, but please dont be rude with us short girls, I mean that comment of "are u looking for a girlfriend or a daughter" was really hurtful at least for me.

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m just trying to prove those whose say that tall men go for short women only wrong.i prefer 100000 times a 5 8 tall man but MAN than a 6 5 kid who is looking for a daughter ol these pple saying that tall men prefer short women to tall women hmmm, cant speak for every men.