Guide dating chinese women

23-Mar-2016 02:57

Pale skin is highly prized in Asia as a sign of high social status and not having to do outdoor labor; I see this emphasized all the time with skin bleaching creams and whitening ingredients used to promote 99% of all lotions, creams, and cosmetics sold to Asian girls here in Thailand and China.As a result, Western girls in Asia, particularly highly Westernized areas like Shanghai or Bangkok, are often treated like trophies.4) Make sure the idea of “dating” is clearly defined.It’s not uncommon for dating in Asia to be conducted with marriage in mind.

But I still have a passion for beautiful Western girls.Western culture is more progressive in this aspect and a Western girl is more likely to go Dutch or even pay for the date entirely.If you’re broke because it’s not payday but you don’t want to spend Friday night alone wandering the back streets and bazaars of downtown Chiang Mai or Shanghai, keep that in mind.It was a pain in the ass to learn how to switch on and off between approaching a Western woman and approaching an Asian girl, but if you live in China, especially if you’re an Asian guy like me, it’s valuable to know the difference between how to date Asian girls and how to date Western girls.

I recently had a discussion with a homegirl of mine, who has also lived in Thailand and loves Asian guys, and we came up with this list of some of the biggest differences we see between Western girls and Asian girls when it comes to dating. 1) You can’t cold-approach an Asian girl like you can a Western girl.My father was born in China while my grandfather was an officer in the Nationalist army.