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18-Mar-2016 22:43

I just want those who weaponize tech to be held at least as accountable as those who make it.

Hackers and malware are now an ever-present part of our digital reality, and authoritarian governments are increasingly able to leverage technology for their purposes. I urge you, then, to focus on the core challenges to human prosperity: repression, illiberalism, corruption.

As we enter 2018, I encourage everyone to include a simple resolution on their list: make sure you are well-informed about the technology you use, and avoid getting swept up in false narratives and exaggerated claims about its dangers.

You can find plenty of actionable, expert advice on how to protect yourself on this site alone, from optimizing your password strategy to circumventing insecure internet connections with a VPN. As fashionable as it may be in some circles to refer to these giant private companies and democratic governments as “evil,” this can distract us from the threats from the real bad guys.

As recent events demonstrate, the dangers of avoiding these challenges are mounting.